Monday, October 2, 2023

The COVID Lot Finishes A Set

 Wasn't expecting to have a set completed this far into going through the COVID lot of cards, but here we are. I don't think I actually have any mail-un sets that are complete, so this changes that for me as well with 1986 All-Star Set Collector's Edition which was a glossy finished mail-in set.

I have a handful of these cards already which came up earlier in the COVID lot, but we have the rest here as well which is really cool. The design fronts are obviously very basic, full  photo, minimal border, tiny name in the bottom left corner and the backs (which I didn't scan) and done like the All-Star inserts from the Topps flagship sets, with the year, name of the team and player and not much else.

It does present a good game of "name that player" based on the fronts, and though many of them are pretty straightforward if you watched during the time, it's not true of all of them. At least this way, having the name so tiny on the front let's you guess and check easy enough.

The set is 60 cards, and as you had to send in 6 "Spring Fever Baseball" cards to get back 10 cards, I am guessing you could probably send in 36 of the cards to get the full set. It would suck if it was just done randomly, but I have no idea how it was handled back in the day. If random - very cool that someone put the time and effort in to complete the set.

Two Jays included in the set - and now are the two cards I need duplicates of for my Jays binder, with Dave above and George Bell below.

A great set of stars of the time - and a nice overall addition from the lot. A quick look at ebay and some of the cards can go for a couple bucks - not that I overly care about the value, but I am always a bit curious at times to see if anything sticks out. I am sure from my traders, I have traded away some cards that are worth more than I think, but I care more about getting back things I need for my collection (or want), so if I am out a couple bucks on supposed "value", it doesn't bother me.

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