Monday, October 16, 2023

More Trades!

 Just like it says, a couple more trades from TCDB and the first, a single card trade. As it's an error card, I was going for the different variations, and happily traded a few base cards for the Randy rookie.

When I think of Randy, this is the first image that comes to mind....then there's the video of destroying a bird with a pitch...then him as a DBack. Definitely the three thoughts in order for me anyway.

Next up, a bunch of special issue cards from Dmbramer...

Not sure about the foil ASG stamping issue as a couple of the cards look like the stamp either didn't stay well or was almost, in part, wiped away. No matter, all new to me cards. Apparently the set could be purchased at the All-Star Game, so not sure if it was picked up there and split apart, or after the fact, but cool cards I probably wouldn't have come across on my own.

Amazing trades from TCDB - seems to be the norm, and that's a good thing!

1 comment:

  1. I don’t even own that card and it’s what I picture when I think of the Big Unit. (The only “rookie” of him I have is a Broder.) Which makes it all the more amazing to me that he only ever played 11 games for the Expos!

    —Brett Alan