Saturday, January 29, 2022

A Great One

 It hasn't been that many days when I have been able to walk away from pulling 50 cards from the lot, and kept all 50 cards, but today is one of those days with only 2 hockey sets to touch on.

Just a couple 1999-2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve cards in all their dark foilness, but both are needs, so good there. Then we have a bunch of cards from the Wayne Gretzky names set from that same year. I have a feeling there was a complete, or close to complete base set in this lot at some point in time, but now we have the remains of what was picked over for a couple of other people's collections before getting to me.

I don't mind the design and player "label's" on the front, and I really don't mind that this puts me over 50% there on the small 180 card set, now with over 100 knocked off the need list.

It's not a set I would have ever gone out of my way to collect, but I am not going to turn away a set that hands me 2/3 or so of it....except maybe something like a Tripe Play...but even then, who am I kidding, I bought a box of that stuff for like $8 a few years ago, and am looking to finish off the embarrassment of a set.

Nothing to be embarrassed about with this set though - will happily look to complete it at some point!

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