Saturday, September 2, 2023

Staying Schober

 Happily, I have a few days of TCDB trades to be able to share. This year keeps on pace to be ahead of my banner year in trades last year, and today, we get a bunch of wrestling inserts from Schoberinc.

Nikki Bella's comes from 2016 Topps Heritage while the rest of the cards today are from 2018 Topps Heritage. The bulk of the cards are Big Legends inserts which will remind of the Topps Big baseball cards of the late 80s and early 90s. Happily, the cards aren't oversized though like the baseball cards of years gone by were, so much easier to fit them in binder pages!

The double photos with an earlier and later pose are done well, and all classic wrestlers from my childhood.

The Big Legends insert set is 50 cards and these bring me up to 24, so almost half way there, and a KO/Zayn tag team card to end the trade works too!

Appreciate the trade, as always, and more such trades to share still!


  1. The Legends set is really nice. If I still collected wrestling cards in earnest, I'd be all over that one.

  2. Ah wrestlers I actually recognize. Maybe I need to start watching again!

    1. It was a great spectacle before, btu I will say, the athleticism has stepped up so much from what I saw as a kid.