Monday, September 25, 2023

Jeff With More Hockey

 Another bunch of hockey cards from Jeff, but no rhyme or reason, so let's just see what's here.

A number of classic early 90s sets, but the Daigle redemption card is a new insert for me. I guess it's a little late to send it in, but nice to even have the redemption card, so that's a cool pick up.

Other than the Leaf add, a bunch of Stadium Club cards from sets I am not working on, so up for grabs here.

Sure, it's a unique set of massively over produced, but additional copies of Leaf cards are still fine by me. Thank you 1990-91 Pro Set!

As I mentioned, Jeff seems to have certain star players that show up with a few numbers in these base sets. Again, does make for decent trade fodder, and I don't mind being able to pull a couple for myself if I happen to be building the set, but that's not the case with the Pinnacle sets.

The rookie design is nice being similar to the base, but obviously different enough. The foiling does make them stand out a fair bit too!

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