Monday, September 18, 2023

Jeff Provides More Baseball

 Although there's a bunch of hockey and a bit of football still to share from Jeff, today, we go through the miscellaneous baseball that remains.

There are a number of flagship Topps sets I am backburner building, so we at least have a few base keepers in the bunch, as well as some Jays dupe cards to keep as per below...

These are all from the 1993 Greatest Moments special release which had something to do with the back to back World Series wins by the Jays.

As for the rest, a bunch of nice cards, just all up for grabs as not fitting into my collection, and if you have any Boston Bruins cards to send my way, more than happy to make something work for Jeff.

Not too shabby getting to get some 70s cards for trade bait! Heck, Rod Carew is my fave name of the bunch!

A fewer newer cards as well which adds for some variety. Still not a fan of the overly silver/metal Panini releases, but Schmidt is a solid pick up if anyone's interested!

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