Saturday, September 9, 2023

Just A Few Left

 Back to the COVID lot today for a quick pull of what is near a complete set, which I wasn't collecting (until now).

Here we have the 1987 Topps Major League Leaders Mini 77 card set. The design is much like the 1987 Topps set with the woodgrain border.

I have the Jays from this set, and a couple dupes which helps on trying to now complete the set since I now have 71 of the 77 cards. Hard not to then try to finish it off. Only a few cards missing in action, and though Cal Ripken being one isn't a surprise as he is a big PC guy for people, but not all of them, so should be able to finish the set off without too much trouble.

For small cards, the space is well used. I mean, you can't really do full stats and have them legible, so a good job fitting in a year on the back and some basics - though could maybe have reduced the Leaders logo a bot for more space.

Also like that the last card in the set is the checklist - back when that was the only way to know what you were missing beyond the card number and educated guesses. Oh internet, how you have changed things!


  1. This is one of the earliest sets that I can remember owning cards from.

  2. Same here, actually kinda surprised I went after these come to think of it.

  3. Do they reuse the same pics from the regular set?

    1. No - or at least not with the number I remember and others I checked.