Thursday, September 14, 2023

Pause For Wrestling

Well, it's not more cards from Jeff, but it is Jeff related. So, I went over to to look at maybe picking up a few Bruins cards for Jeff and some wrestling cards for me, and it was very quick to arrive so I wanted to share the "what was in it for me" portion of the package. 

In picking up wrestling cards on the site, I try and look for inserts because, with them being the same price as base cards, why not? I will absolutely grab base cards when looking to complete sets or if there's something else about them, but my first go to is inserts. As such, here we have a bunch from 2018 WWE Then Now Forever and the 25 Years of Raw insert set. It's 50 cards, so still plenty to go, but was able to knock a number off here. With them being in time order, it's a neat go through of some of the big moments since 1993.

Didn't realize I had a few already, all the new ones bring me to 31 of 50.

I also picked up a handful of insets from 2016 WWE Topps Heritage which remind me what a beast (pun intended) Bam Bam was.

We end with two cards which remind me of a few things:

1) Not all change is good - the Panini-ness of the newer cards and the higher price points are just making it hard to want to buy compared to the prior Topps products.

2) Panini still generally makes cards that can be described as gaudy, tawdry, garish, flashy, or excessive. Some of those aren't necessarily bad things, but, I just don't like them generally.

3) The cards pick up every little nick with the way they are finished/glossed, which makes it had to keep them in great condition.

4) Dana Brooke tries more and more to look like Charlotte did a few years ago, I swear!

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  1. Has Topps ever done a series of cards on wrestlers under their multiple gimmicks (other than Mick Foley)? Just seems odd to see "Vincent" in a WWE set, even representing the nWo.