Saturday, October 20, 2018

Spanning almost 50 years

So I am going to do this a bit out of order. I did a trade with fellow Canadian PapaG321. We were up to trading about 40 cards going each way. When I was looking at his needs and matching up, I noticed there were a bunch of other cards I could provide, so I went ahead and sent a few hundred...or expectation of getting anything more my way, but to find a good home for cards that just didn't fit my collection.

Well, I ended up getting a small thank you back anyway, and it is those cards I want to share with a big thank you.

Well, it wasn't all cards actually, but we cover almost 50 years, so let's go from oldest to newest.

A 60s Shiriff Hockey Coin. I think this gives me my first 60s Leaf item. I have a 50s card I received from Billy Kingsley before he got into hockey (not sure he would be able to part with it again if he got one now).

This is going in under the unopened packs collection - a 1996-97 Kellogg's Team Tiger pack - again, not just a card, but unopened food product pack...excellent, and you get the joy of seeing the whole card.

Okay, that one was out of order...sorry...

Here we cover the 70s and 80s covers with a few needs. I especially ones like Shand which doesn't at first appear to be a Leaf card given the wrong uniform.

Here we have a bunch of 90s cards. So much to like here between a Jello card, nice McD's Andreychuk (the McD set that I remember most from my childhood and really really like), and a first red Starquest card.

We end with a last couple cards including this Robbie Earl rookie card out of 2008-09 Upper Deck Black Diamond. Robbie played 9 games for the big club in Toronto before heading to Minnesota and spending about 30 days over two seasons there before ending his big league time.

Overall - a great thank you for this unnecessary thank you from PapaG321!

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