Monday, October 8, 2018

Taking one on the jaw

I'd take this one any day - a trade with kdinthejaw. Put together a trade for a bunch of Leaf cards which I will show now...

Okay, so this obviously isn't a Leaf add, but one of the few remaining missing cards from the 2006-07 McDonalds set.

A good bunch of Leaf....Leaf cards....including the checklist which are always a bit more tricky to track down as being team cards, even when they are fairly blatant in being a specific player like this.

Another Potvin, who seems to photograph well in most any set...must be a goalie thing.

I really like the card as it is a nice oddball - besides, I always preferred Duracell over Energizer.

We go from the captain of one era to the captain of another, from Doug to Mats. A very very young Mats surrounded by a bit too much gold cover on the front of this card.

The 2008-09 McD cards scan so beautifully with the wonderful Blue hue. My favourite card from the bunch though is....

A sweet McD insert card of Mats that is new to my collection....SWEET!

Another great package of cards that I give a big thank you the kdinthejaw for!

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