Saturday, October 13, 2018

Love the KD and the bkim

No - not talking about Kevin Durant, but instead trading partner kdinthejaw. Following up on the PWE discussion yesterday, another one today to be thankful for, though this was is hockey focused, and focused on Pacific which was a stand out for being different as far as hockey card sets go around the turn of the century - roughly 1998 - 2002.

We start with a nice Pacific card of Cat'n Mats.

We move on to a decent Sergei...

Before note one but...

Two sweet Cujo cards. Actually, this was a very nice idea of using netting in the mitt design.I wonder if they could do this as an actual memorabilia card and using some type of actual netting from a game. Best example on the day as far as an "out there" Pacific design.

Lastly, we end where we start with another Sundin card - this one being an insert.

That;s it - quick as that, and we have 5 excellent new cards for the collection and a big thank you again to kdinthejaw.

We also have a separate quick three for a second PWE, this one from bkim.

A varied three, and sets not well represented yet in my collection with note that the first is a 1st Edition set card, and Finest of any year, is not a set I have much of.

An unexpected surprise, I am getting a PWE together to send back as thanks to bkim, as well as the big thank you here on the blog...


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  1. The Berezin card is pretty cool; I like the look of that Leafs sweater. Berezin is a fond reminder of some simpler times, watching and playing hockey.