Tuesday, October 9, 2018

It doesn't all have to be new

A single PWE trade to share today from jddavis84.

A theme with this package is - I didn't "need" any of the cards per se. They were not new to me, but I was happy to do the trade as there were cards I had that jddavis84 wanted, and this was what was available. As I said before, I have no issues getting duplicates of Jays, even though I don't keep them all on my want list once I have one.

The crime dog - loved that nickname for him.

We end with the terminator because, well, that reference worked well at the time, and actually still does. Back in the day Tom Henke was lights out.

That was the PWE. It may be common "junk wax" fodder, but made my day regardless - thanks again!

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