Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Sending it over from AirPete

Today's thank you goes out to AirPete. These are the types of trades I love because I am able to get rid of basketball or football cards in exchange for cards that add to my baseball or hockey collection. A lot of the basketball and football cards I trade away originally came from the Santa Lot of cards, so being able to find a home that they can be appreciated is an added bonus in these trades.

So what am I thankful for receiving today....

1990-91 Pro Set is such an amazing set for both good and bad reasons. It is a colourful and well laid out card set, especially for the time, but as most everyone knows - so many errors.

The cards above will be a combination of some of the last few cards I need for the sets, as well as some error or variation cards.

There is so many, I know I am going to have to go through what I have and make sure I have everything I want for the different collections - a full set, copies for the Leaf binders, copies for the error and variation cards.

I have talked about this card before, and I will take any and all copies if you have any that you don't want I believe this is card number 31 or so...I might stop if I could fill a monster box with the one card as that would be pretty darn cool.

The rest of the cards were Leaf needs including these 1990-91 Topps.

We finish off with some more early 90s Leaf cards that fill needs. Happy to get the Pinnacle Potvin rookie too - not a fan of the green, but that aside, a nice card.

Another thanks to AirPete for the great package and helping on the Pro Set set completion too.

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