Thursday, October 11, 2018

Trading with dcdeacon

First a quick WOW to how the Leafs are playing. If they can up the defense and keep some of the scoring power, this could be a really good year! Tavares has been a great add (not surprising), and given a good spark to up everyone's offensive game.

Next on the block of trades to look at is one I did with dcdeacon.

Working on the Diamond Kind set along with the 1988 Donruss set as a whole. Still a bit short (three on the Diamond Kings and about 20 on the set - give or take.

More cards in the ongoing and continuous (so it seems) goal of getting not only a full set, but all the error and variation cards needed for those binders as well. Honestly, I am going to end up with about 1,200 cards from the set all in.

Newer cards....I don't get enough of these! Awesome group to knock out a bunch of regular everyday Upper Deck base cards, but when they include an alt jersey Auston - that's pretty sweet.

We finish with a few more recent Leaf cards including another Auston, this one in MVP form. Man, he would be an expensive PC guy to have these days. The way he has been playing, that may very well be the case for years to come.

A great bunch of new cards and a good trade package from dcdeacon. Thank you again for the trade!

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