Monday, December 26, 2022

A Quick Boxing Day Post

 I don't know about you, but Boxing Day can be exhausting. Our family, like many I am sure, end up doing a 2 day Christmas because of doing the two sides of the family. We switch up which family is on Christmas day every year to be fair, and the other day we typically use is Boxing Day. What does this have to do with cards? Well, nothing other than, it's why I am keeping it on the shorter side today as we have plenty to do still.

Oh - and if you are wondering about card hauls, I got a few items which I will pull out at some point...which knowing me means, any time in the next year (or two).

Today, we go heavy on the acetate...

We went through some of the base cards (all serial numbered) not too long ago, and today we have some of the inserts which highlight rookies. As you can see, I got some in duplicate...well up to six copies for some, but I didn't bother scanning them all.

You can see, given the front and back scans, how these look, but have a lack of everything other than photo, and name essentially. Aaron looks like he is going for the no look hug here....

I don't mind the look, and I get the need for clear parts in the design in order to show the acetate-ness of the cards. The numbering isn't so subtle, but overall....I can't not like them. I just really like cards you can see through!


  1. Cool Bryant. Love that we're getting to an age where there are hall of fame rookie cards printed on acetate.