Tuesday, December 13, 2022

More Assorted Hockey

 Yesterday was good, so why not some more hockey today too!

Well then - nice to pick up 2 Mats Sundin cards, one of which is new for me, and both are not the usual fare I expect to see, so great so far. Not a big fan of the Pinnacle Insire set, but Leaf content is good content!

1999-2000 Upper Deck Retro is a set I haven't seen before, and though I'd be tempted to usually start collecting such a set given the content, I am not a big enough fan of the design to do so. It's different, but not sure that's in a good way here.

I will however take another Cujo McD Checklist card...6th or 7th I believe....

An Ultra set keeper, another slow build set, and a Malkin for trade to end it. Not a bad bunch of hockey cards again...let's see what else we come across then tomorrow....

Let's end today with another PWE trade from TCDB, this one from Mccammon44 who sent along some Blue Jays...

A wide spread in time here, as I get the second of two Jays from the 1982 Topps Coming Soon stickers, and we end with the one Jays insert in 2021 Topps Heritage's Rookie Performers insert set. In between, for the most part, is more 2021 Topps Heritage help, which is awesome, though I especially like the Springer.

A nice way to end today - have a good one!

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