Saturday, December 31, 2022

Finest Way To End The Year

 Okay, the title is a little direct...

We get to end 2022 with enough 1994 Topps Finest baseball, that I could get fairly close on a set, if it was only 220 cards however the set is twice that, and I haven't seen any of the second half yet, so still not overall interested on adding the list to my radar.

From a collecting perspective, this year has been a good one, as have the last few years actually. This is the first year that I cleared over 100 trades - usually before I was doing about half of this. I am not going to make that mark any kind of target, because it's always been the quality of trades that are more important to me. I'm fine with less trades for more cards too, but those haven't happened as much this year.

From a total card amount in transactions, I have had years with more movement. I'm about 5,000 cards changing hands this year, whereas I have been over 6,000 before. Again, not a complaint, just a fact. My Blue Jays and Leaf collections continue to grow with the Jays now at around 12k and the Leafs close to 8k.

My wrestling card collection continues to slowly and quietly grow at about 4,200 cards now, and I continue to keep on top of my Magic The Gathering card collecting too - now at about 4,000 cards all in as well.

What will next year bring? Probably more cards, more Leafs, more Jays, hopefully some completed sets one way or another, and some more of the COVID lot. I still have another lot to even start which is about 15k cards, all newer baseball. If I ever get through the COVID lot, that's next on deck. I also have a pile of unopened stuff, some of which I bought 4 years ago, that I haven't opened yet....maybe 2023 will be the year.

Happy New Year everyone - see you back here next year!


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  2. This is one set that I loved at the time and soured on as an adult. Just too green.

    Can't wait to see what you post in '23. Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year! Thanks for all the fun posts!

  4. Happy 2023! Thanks for all the fun posts :]

  5. Such great card backs. This set could ne flipped over in a binder page and read the stats on the front for a change.