Sunday, December 11, 2022

Long Way To Go

 I don't have a lot of sets fom baseball say - 2007-2014, that I am purposely collecting. Essentially a bunch of the flagship Topps sets and that's about it, with a couple exceptions. I don't have a lot of any one per se, but there's enough floating around, and I like having something from almost every year as far as set collecting goes, so this fits the bill.

2009, as such, is on the list to collect even though I only have about 30 cards in the set...well, before today.

The design is fine and inoffensive, clean, good photography. Much preferred to the designs Topps was doing in the mid-2010s. A post-Jays Delgado with a nice photo is a decent get.

That Gary Matthews photo is...extremely interesting. I mean, it looks like he is going to be sat on, or headbutt the pitcher's butt. Just a very different photo.

No surprise to me that all of these are keepers since I have so little of the set, well, at least I have twice as much of it now as I did yesterday. I can definitely go for more runs of these simple TOpps baseball base sets - very nice pick ups.

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