Monday, October 12, 2020

Sticking to the Dollarama

 Today, another Dollarama surprise bag of hockey cards to share with you, so let's just get right into it. I will say, I didn't bother scanning the mini snap BCW 20 pt. card holder. I don't mind these but don't have too many either. I should just get them together and keep then nicely stacked.

So we get a double showing of Martin - but best part is the McDonalds card which is a new one for me and the 1992-93 Tugnutt is a keeper for that O Pee Chee slow build.

WIth these, not bad getting 2 out of the four being keepers!

We continue the decent little bag with a Leaf card. SUre, this is my fifth, but every Leaf is a good Leaf. No Leafs left behind!

We even get a Bruins card to stick away for Jeff Scott. I am sure he has it, but I rather send him all my Bruins stuff so that he can have some cards to trade with other Bruins collectors. Not sure if he knows many, but the hardest people at times to trade with are those that collect the same stuff as you.

The overall verdict? A bit better than usual as we get a Leaf and a couple keepers, but still, these are more for the fun of opening than what you get to keep from inside!

Tomorrow, we begin a new quest!


  1. Two Brodeurs, especially something uncommon like the McD's Game Saver is a good deal!

    1. Yes, the McD are great to see in these, I'm lovin' it!

  2. Nice lenticular McDonalds Brodeur.