Sunday, October 18, 2020

Goalies Galore

 I never thought, when I started working through this box of 2003-04 Pacific Quest For The Cup, that so much o the product was goalie focused, but it sure seems to be that way.

Not necessarily a bad thing, just more an observation.

7 packs so far, 7 Complete cards, and 7 goalies.

Steve here spent most of his NHL career in Chicago in the 1999-2004 years, but as a back up goalie having 73 games with them over this time. Much travel between the NHL and AHL throughout his career, and couldn't quite stick in the bigs in a big way. Probably explains in part why the pads are specifically Blackhawk colours consistent.

He iosn't the only goalie here though...

Definitely a goalie hot pack, but just overall, seeing plenty of goalies. Again though, would be much better on these base cards if we could see a more full picture - lost in part doing the horizontal design.

7 Packs, 35 Cards, 122 Points


  1. Not often you see the Stanley Cup on a Sharks card. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they win a championship sometime within my lifetime.

    1. I think you have good odds of that happening for what my two Canadian cents are worth.

  2. I really like the Complete concept, if my memory is still good there were 6 products from Pacific that contained cards towards the Complete set and Quest for the Cup has Complete cards in the range of 401-500 which is goalie heavy not to mention the base set small in size and having at least 1 goalie per team