Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Goalie Fleury Continues

Okay, so the title was easy to come up with on this one.

I always liked Marc-Andre in Pittsburgh. I get why he left, or was essentially pushed out, and I think Vegas was a great fit and great place for him to show he still could be a top tie goalie, but I would have liked to see him stick around Pittsburgh a few more years. The man did get three Stanley Cups with Pittsburgh and almost got another one with Vegas.

That last new base card, makes me sad in one sense because I think Eric should have always stayed in Philly, but also makes me really happy because those first couple years in New York showed that he darn well could continue to go. It was down hill with the couple stops after (though at least I do have some cards with his Leaf year documented).

10 Packs, 50 Cards, 183 Points


  1. I wish Lindros would have stayed in Philly too. That Legion of Doom line was awesome. Sad his career was plagued with injuries... yet he still found a way to put up hall of fame numbers.

    1. From a stats perspective, the wait was warranted - and him not getting in right away. I do wonder how much vote was for what his career could have been - he did a lot over a short period. His impact on player safety was huge.