Monday, October 19, 2020

Close But Not Quite

 Not much to say on the base additions today, but they are all new additions...

but this card we can applaud...

It's not a goalie! Sure there's one in the background, but here we are in pack 7 before getting a non-goalie on these Complete cards. 

I knew Manny had a long career, but didn't realize he was around for 16 seasons! Between the Blue Jackets, Rangers, Stars, Canucks (where I remember him best, even if he was only there roughly 3 years), San Jose, Carolina, and Montreal, he played for many - though with almost 1,000 regular season games, he only really had one good playoff run which was with San Jose in 2009-10.

7 Packs, 35 Cards, 122 Points

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  1. I remember Malhotra when he was with the Sharks. Wish he would have stuck around longer.