Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Goalies Much?

 Onto the second pack in our Quest....

We start with the first insert. I know, the Pacific Complete card is an "insert", but since you get one per pack, they aren't the surprise that the others are.

Here we get a nice Calder Contenders insert (every seven packs), with Fleury noting his 2003-04 rookie year and great things to come, which were pretty spot on as he spent many a good year with Pittsburgh and bolstering their goal position.

Simple enough and solid design to the insert, so looks solid to me.

Base additions...

Do like the team colour schemes used on the front.

We end with another goalie card - seems to be the thing to get - a goalie for the Complete card yesterday, another with the Calder insert...

2 Packs, 10 Cards, 44 Points


  1. This is a nice looking set. I missed yesterday's post so this is actually the first time I've ever seen it, as it's one of the sets missing from my collection. I like this a lot better than the mirror foil version from previous years. Marc-Andre is my mom's favorite player.