Sunday, October 11, 2020

Let's Do It Again

So my son enjoyed the cards from yesterday and asked if I had another of the 100 Magic card packs, so who am I to say no!

Let's go through a second one, except I did grab a few other cards from the bunch to be able to show. Just the unusual to see and older ones, along with the artifacts of course.

Are these cards worth maybe a quarter at best? Absolutely! Will you probably not be able to sell them for more than a couple pennies? Probably. Did I have a moment of awesome nostalgia when I saw the Scaled Wurm because back in 1995 when I was playing a green deck, he was one of the big baddies I played with? Darn right I did.

Love that there are even a few Fallen Empires cards circa 1994 in here. That set was horrible at the time and held pretty much no value right through until this year when it has finally picked up a bit.

These two were interesting for very different reasons. The Stealer of Secrets, I didn't recognize the set symbol - apparently there was a 30 card started set that this was part of. Now I know.

The other card obviously isn't English. More of a surprise to have it in a repack since there aren't tons this way. You can buy Japanese of Chinese boxes and some others at 401games, so I know they are around a bit, but still a surprise in the repack.

A couple heavy costing mana supplies - common cards.

A simple way to add a little beef for a creature.

2 mana to cast given the ability, otherwise a typical 1/1 for 1 to cast.

Much like the first two artifacts today.

If nothing else, one mana for three life isn't too bad.

More mana options!

The artifacts are nice, but the older cards were the surprise hit of this repack. Too bad I don't have any more....on to something else tomorrow!


  1. I never got into MTG cards but I knew a kid who played the original series and so I'm somewhat familiar with the cards. My brother in law commissioned me to sell off his collection (including some very rare/expensive singles) and he earned enough to fund a trip to Jerusalem. I earned enough in commission to buy a high-grade Ted Williams single :)

    1. Yeah. When I was a kid and first got into magic I clearly remember Black Lotus cards selling for just hundred dollars - I want to say $400 range - that's how early on I got into it, and Moxes selling for $90.

      No chance back then I could afford cards like that as an investment or otherwise - definitely poor growing up, and at the time I was 13-14. Anyone who had such card can make good money off them.

      It's interesting as the high priced cards were really Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, but starting to see prices on 3rd Edition (Revised) start going up a bit. I don't think it will ever get to the prices of the others at all, but still interesting to see the movement.

  2. I remember discovering packs of Japanese Pokemon cards and think they were so cool. They never seemed to be worth as much as their English counterparts. Is that pretty much the same case with MTG cards?

    1. Yes, generally speaking the English are more sought after and have a higher value than any of the other languages. Depending on the set, I think MTG are printed now in up to about 10 languages (usually the core set each year, maybe others, not sure on that part).