Monday, October 26, 2020

Mocking Me


I spoke about Raycroft yesterday - not going to re-hash it, but I do feel like he is mocking me here, showing up two days in a row.

Yes, another goaltender, but as he was coming from the AHL, you get a nice studio shot instead, and the stats on the back speak to his AHL time of 36 games in the prior season, where he was 8-21-3 with a GAA of 3.56 - stats that don't seem too how did he turn out?

Well, turned out better than those stats may have you believe. Likely in part to being a Blue Jacket, but he ended up with a 7 season NHL career between 5 in Columbus and a couple in Ottawa. He was below .500 for his career, but it was well above just making it for a handful of games.

14 Packs, 70 Cards, 255 Points

Okay - no Raycroft again tomorrow or I might just riot.


  1. My wife pulled a Pascal Leclaire autographed RC from 2003-04 SPa (I think). I remember hoping he'd be a star just because of that card. Didn't happen for him (or us), but he certainly wasn't a bust.

    1. Actually, now that I've checked out his career stats.. he kinda was.

    2. Can't win them all - nice to win one every now and then though!