Saturday, October 24, 2020

Hi Lo Salo

 Today, let's just get the base cards out of the right away - asusual, all new and add to the base card count...

Always happy to see a Selanne card. Kind of offsets getting a Montreal card I guess. Still not a fan of this base card design. Sometimes, while going through a box, opinion can change the more you see the base cards and they can grow on you. Not so much here for me.

Though I thought Tommy had a slightly longer NHL career (it was about 10 years - thought it may have been about 12), his stats are what I remember of him - an average, middling goalie that didn't have much of a run (or chance) of getting a Stanley Cup ring.

He was just under .500 as a goalie with 210 wins and 225 losses, and with his best years at the turn of the millennium with Edmonton, he never was able to help lead them past the first round of the playoffs (not that the issue was specifically him at all, just never got past it).

12 Packs, 60 Cards, 219 Points

Today we will end with the vast additional new Jays coming from Steven at

Yes - there are enough Fleer 80s sticker variations, I am still missing some...but one less now. The Joe Carter 1992 Bowman foil card is the first foil one I have. Honestly, didn't even know some of the base cards were foiled like this, but then again, Bowman back then was not a set I ever saw for sale, so I only ever get these bowman sets through trades or kindness of others.

Some solid assistance on usual 90s suspect sets like 1994 Select and 1995 Donruss. Select was decent for some good photos. I like the Sprague interacting one, and Dave Stewart practice fielding is pretty cool to.

I had never seen the 1998 Leaf Rookies and Stars set before. Decent enough design, and nice to get a new set represented in the collection.

Is there any more golden moment for a Jays fan that Joe Carter's exuberance after the World Series winning home run?

Some early 2000s Heritage. You want to look at sets I don't have much of - Heritage would be one (so would Archives). Still dislike the logo design during the period, and a Heritage design just makes it stand out that much more as inappropriate.

Seeing the new Delgado and Halladay cards made me wonder how they were doing in my collection overall. I love having different cards, but since I keep dupes, I am more interested in actual totals. I was a bit surprised Delgado isn't yet at 200 cards and Halladay is just over 100. Top man right now? Joe Carter is just shy of 300.

Ah, the "dark days" for the Jays - with those black uniforms being used quite often.

Some first Gypsy Queen adds, a Melky refractor, and a baby blue Bautista!

Still not a huge fan of Panini in general, and Prizm is just so dark, but Jays are Jays, and they are still accepted here!

Big League has been a nice addition for sets. Thinking there are so many, had to believe Id say that, but it does feel like it adds something different (whereas to me, Heritage and Archives are too similar, for example).

Also, really love the pitch grip shot on Dickey's A&G card.

So much, and so great, and so many thanks Steven! I look forward to hopefully being able to meet up in 2021 (ideally when the craziness of 2020 has subsided).


  1. So many cool cards here. Smyth and Salo were two of my faves. I like the retro Rangers sweater on the Kovalev card.

    Discovering Baseball Card Store is probably one of my top three highlights of 2020 and I have you to thank for that. Steven is the man!

    1. Steven is a great guy, only have good things to say, and glad I have been able to help him in some little way, and hopefully have those who have found him, feel like you do - it's a great internet store option for those in the hobby.