Monday, October 5, 2020

Smell What Laraque Is Cookin'

 Here is my favourite hockey "Rock"...

Definite tough guy, and may even be my fave of the time/era if Tie Domi wasn't a Leaf...but he is definitely in the top three. As much as he was a tough guy, he was a gentleman and respectful about his place and the role, and frankly a gentleman in life. If you have a chance, check auto his biography which was put out in 2012, some of it is more poignant and on point in today's environment.

Other than that gold, only a single other keeper...

but I will drink to that.

Dupes a plenty...

32 Packs, 320 Cards, 1,005 Points.


  1. He (GL) is on a local radio french language sports talk channel daily.
    I have yet to go to his card store he seems to have a partnership in.
    But will be checking it out soon.

    1. Very cool - didn't know that. Let me know what you think of the card store when you have a chance to go!

  2. Laraque is part of my enforcer collection. I like that card of yours. It looks like he's excited to drop the gloves.

  3. I was a Georges Laraque fan back in the day, but Peter Worrell was my favorite enforcer. I'm still hoarding his cards.

    Laraque (part-)owns a card shop? That's awesome.

    1. Yes, here it is,