Friday, August 7, 2020

Sticking Around

So this...

is the 4th blue parallel from the box, so not only did I punch above the odds on the jersey cards, I also came out ahead on these as well. Poor guy in the stand who ha his face massacred by the Pacific logo.

Super Mario makes an appearance in the base cards, which is always awesome while the prospect here, Scottie, was a solid success with over 750 NHL games and a career spanning about 15 years. If I were just cracking the NHL, I'd take that career length and games no problem since the odds are generally against anyone being able to stick around that long.

32 Packs, 224 Cards, 1,264 Points.

We end with a one card Listia win that arrived recently. Wasn't a card I needed, wasn't a Jay I didn't have - but cheap Blue Jays cards on Listia will always be fine for me, even if a 4th copy...especially when there is a nice smile!

1 comment:

  1. Well, the Lemieux wins it.

    I'm guessing Jorge Bell is George Bell. Wonder why he anglicized it.