Wednesday, August 12, 2020

A Surprise Bag

I still have a few of these Dollaramam Surprise Bags from...I don't know how long ago, so let's open one up today...

So for $2 we get...

Nice - a French pack which I didn't have yet, so that makes a win out of this bag right off the top.

The three packs of cards are fairly generic in just being hockey cards - no themes or otherwise really, so I expect to see some Upper Deck heavy packs and hopefully some needed cards.

Yeah =- there some Upper Deckness. I only ever had a trickle of 2015-16, so don't have it as a set to collect, but both 2016-17 cards are additions.

Jeff Scott's the winner on this, I get a couple Bruins to pull aside and pass his way. Sometimes they make these Hall of Famer packs easy as there really is only one (though sometimes you do end up with multiple).

Vrbata is a keeper, and another Bruin for Jeff, but that's about it. The 2004-05 In The Game Franchises Canadian card is a nice off the beaten path card.

So overall...

13 cards which would be 23 points or a low score of 1.7692, so well down the list - but I did get a new unopened pack at least!


  1. I'm really starting to think I need to start a repack company ;D

    1. I have that thought myself sometimes - take the traders, make piles of 100 and sell them online for the cost of shipping plus $2 or something.

  2. Voting for the Kurri. Neely made it close though.