Saturday, August 1, 2020

A Great Start to August

Well, the pack today definitely provide a great start to the month.

Believe it or not, these Milestone inserts are more rare than the normal jersey cards with one falling every 37 packs. Given a box contains 26 packs, you basically will get one a box, well in most cases.

This card rightfully outlines Mark's 25 season which had him one behind Gordie Howe for most seasons in a career. Chris Chelios actually tied Gordie with his 2009-2010 season being his 26th, but Mark still sits third now.

Amazing to think how good you have to be, not only on ice, but also from a health standpoint in order to put up with the ongoing rigor of the season after season grind.

Not a bad way to follow up with one nice insert and another nice jersey card being next. Sure, it may just be a white swatch, but I'll take it. Besides, at least this card has a Coyote jersey on a Coyote card.

Three base adds, and like the other jersey pack, I presume these are outside the normal collation because we have a couple dupes...

I will say that's a fair enough trade off all things considered.

26 Packs, 182 Cards, 1,100 Points.


  1. I thought Gordie was known for playing forever. Surprised somebody caught him.

    1. He played a few seasons in the WHA in the 70s which aren't counted in the NHL stat but make a difference when you consider those.