Sunday, August 2, 2020

A Philadelphia Mario Lemieux

Yeah, it sounds so wrong. Luckily, it's still him as a Pen...

It's funny as the back of the card talks about the fact that Mario has something left in the tank when in fact, he only had about 26 games left the following season before calling it a career (again). Obviously one of the greats of all time - of the highest season point totals ever, he has four of the top 13 (the other 9 are all by this Wayne guy).

Glad he was able to come back and play parts of four seasons which he probably never expected to when he first left the league. A magical player and glad I got to watch him growing up.

The rest of the pack...

I don't mind those Capitals uniforms. I think at the time they were a far departure from the classic red, white, blue mix, but they grew on me.

27 Packs, 189 Cards, 1,128 Points.

Let's end with a quick pick from Listia in a cheap single card auction of a card that I didn't yet have...

Luke was in Toronto for 4 years to start his career, followed by stints in Philly, Arizona, LA, Vancouver, Anaheim and Tampa Bay. He has stuck around the NHL, but with a number of teams as you can see. He was a number 5 pick for Toronto, and the last few years has been a sign on to teams - near the tail end of his career at this point. As far as rookie cards go - definitely on the better half the way his career ended up as it was definitely more than a cup of coffee in the big leagues.


  1. What I want to know is how Pacific got away with knocking off the 1976-77 Topps design.

    1. Probably not the first or last cases of...let's say homage...though infringement may be more cards.