Monday, August 24, 2020

Consistency Rules

If there's one thing that this box has provided thus far, it is consistency. I mean, no dupes, right on the odds for the metallic inserts - it is just what would be expected.

Now, even if there is consistency in the big picture, still a bit off for team representation, I mean right here, two Cubs in the first 4 cards.

Well, make it three with Kris Bryant showing up as well. Add in Stanton and that is a solid pack of base cards.

I also scanned the cards this way purposely to show one "problem" I have with Opening Day, and Topps in general. So much reliance on the "standard" pose. I get that most of what a position player does is bat, or a pitcher does is pitch, but you then get cards that look so similar like Stanton/Bryant and Tallon/Pollock. Probably a big part of the love for Stadium Club - getting more unusual or even just different action shots.

7 Packs, 70 Cards, 210 Points

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  1. Considering these are pretty much the same as the flagship set... just with added holiday flair... I understand the standard poses. Although, I do wish they'd zoom out more frequently instead of cropping off appendages. And the definitely save the best unusual photographs for SC.