Sunday, August 30, 2020

I Was Afraid of This

To day is the second pack of the three from the Kijiji Magic card purchase, and as I was afraid of, as much as this first pack was solid for additions of artifacts, the second was a bit too repetitive as there wasn't too much new.

The ending Sphere is the best of the bunch being worth all of a buck - but I am happy to get the cards I am from it. Does make me wonder if there will be anything new tomorrow.

This did leave a lot of dupes (today, I just scanned one of each and kept out the multiple copies).

I should say, some of the dupes are uncommons and worth more than a quarter, so the value would add up to being more than the $20 I paid, if I actually needed/keep these. Hopefully I can change some of these through trades or otherwise, into artifact cards I do need.

So today,s value, not nearly as much as yesterday - $2.60, so a total of $11.10 thus far including yesterday - not looking too promising as we are only about half way there for what I paid.

You know I am not afraid of? Surprises! Specifically in this case, a little birthday card and PWE witha few "Buffalo Jays" from TCDB member bkim. He was kind enough to send these my way as a little birthday surprise...

2009 Topps Heritage is a lonely Jays collection - there was just Lyle Overbay before these showed up, so he is very grateful for the company. Since the Jays were not around back in 1960 to have any to worry about in the original incarnation of the design, I have liked Heritage over the years for providing the vintage looks at least, to add to my Jays collection.

Many thanks for the card bkim!

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  1. I forgot that Scutaro played in Toronto. He's a big Bay Area fan favorite... especially with Giants fans. I remember him more for his stint with the A's.