Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Well, I Fail

I was taking a look at what I have left to go through from last year's (wow - it's been that long already...) trip to Dave & Adam's, and I won't be getting done by the end of the year. To be honest, given the ongoing COVID situation, I am not really upset by it at all since I don't know how long (how many years) it will be before making that trip again. I might just have to look at shipping options if the dollar ever gets back to a reasonable rate.

With that failure...and yet good news in some ways...let's get to pack 29 of 36 from this box of 2004-05 Pacific!

This box has definitely succeeded in providing a fair number of Leafs so far. Sometimes I seem to lucky out and get 10-20% of the base Leafs in a box like this, but we are doing well better so far.

McCabe was a solid part of the Leaf blue line in the 00s before a last few years in Florida. Interesting fact - he is in the top 100 all time PIM leaders. Wouldn't have thought he is that high with over 1,700 PIMs. Though that is about half of Tie Domi who is 3rd.

A number of long term NHLers here in the rest of the needed base cards and...

Even with the red parallel as well. A good trait to have through most of the pack.

29 Packs, 203 Cards, 1,191 Points.

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