Monday, August 31, 2020


Sometimes with these purchases, you come out ahead quickly, and others - not so much. So, I did end up with some more new artifacts today from the last bunch, and here they are...

The Magewright is the surprise here as being a foil, it is a few bucks, and more than what I was expecting with these packs - but given how yesterday's went, was needed.

With the help of the foil Magewright's Stone, we get $7 in value for the keepers today bringing the total to just over $18 where I spent $20, but add in tax that I would have to pay with 401games and I am even. Factor in then the couple hundred extra cards, and I do come out ahead, but I was hoping it would be a bit better than it was. Since the not-so-keeping cards themselves aren't new from yesterday, not even going to scan them again.

Can't win them all, but seem to have squeaked out a break even here on keepers.


  1. Whenever I try to breakdown the value of a pack or box... even a repack... I try to factor in entertainment value as well. Since who doesn't enjoy flipping through a stack of cards looking for some buried treasure.

    1. Don't get me wrong - when I buy anything, my "break even" really is, will I have enough enjoyment from opening it, that it is worth it even if I get "nothing". As long as that's a yes, I am good to go. It just isn't as fun to me buying individual cards for a collection.