Friday, March 6, 2020

What's in the baggie?

Next up out of the dodgercards box of Jays, is what appears to be a random baggie. Not sure if the team bag was filled and placed for best spacing, or if there is rhyme/reason for the cards but guess we will see. The two visible cards are a 1988 Bell Fleer All Star Team and a Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion Canseco....ugh...yeah Jose and a Jay....

* Skims through the cards as he gets ready to enter them to TCDB and scan them *

Yeah, I think these are all basically inserts or parallels and on a quick guess, I think all but three or four of these 30 or so cards are needs.

First up...

May seem like a normal everyday 1993 Topps base card, except it is a blank back which is a nice error card to have.

I love those send in All Star and Rookie sets from the late 80s. Great card stock, simple but very nice design, and now a couple more cards that I didn't already have.The 1992 French's card is one I never knew of before, but lets me get Tony Gwynn into the Toronto collection - woohoo!

Also, a Toys R Us card is great, as was Robbie for the Jays - good team up!

These are all great card additions for sets I don't have much Jays content from. My favourite from these is the silver signature - simple addition, but if the signature is a likeness of the actual, I really like these kinds of parallels. I don't really care for the stamped difference from base card like the 1998 Topps parallel. I'd much prefer a change in border colour than a stamping put on it.

Here's Jose, at least in gold form which looks great, along with a number of other golden Jays. Never had any of the 2002 Donruss Elite Series, with Delgado being out of the rare (at the time) 2,500 in SN - this is 834).

The last few include a colourful Roy and Starquest Frank. One of these days I will pick a card to get all the different Starquest colours for, I like the design enough and the colours are decent. It would make a nice grouping of cards I am sure.


  1. Not sure if I own a copy of that French's card for my Gwynn PC. Gonna have to check the binder for that one.

  2. French's are fun! I don't see them too often.