Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Some before they were Jays

Dodgercards in this pile include a number of minor league cards of a couple players. These will find a good home, not to worry, just not with me.

Jay Gibbons actually never ended up playing for the Jays but instead came to the bigs with Baltimore. In 2003 he played almost every game and ended up with 100 RBIs - a solid season. Overall though, he lasted 2001-2007 with Baltimore and was able to make the bogs again for a couple partial seasons with the Dodgers in 2010 and 2011.

Paul Spoljaric - if you asked me, I would have said he was with the Jays for at least a few solid years. Yeah, not the case. I don't know why I remember him so clearly with the Jays, but he really only appeared in about 100 games for the team, but it may be due to these games being in the years 1994, 1996, 1997, 1999 - spread out enough it felt like most of the 90s.

Also in the cards today, an almost complete 1986 team set. I do need a few dupes for the 1986 set completion goal, so well worth it as these cover everyone now I think.

Glenallen is another name who I think of being a Jay longer than he was. He was only really around for parts of 3 seasons and traded away before the back to back World Series wins, but it felt like much longer.

We (almost) end with a couple Paul Molitor cards from 1995 - one of my favourite short term Jays. Will always be remembered as a Brewer, but great days as a Jay.

I say almost because I do have a trade to share. A small PWE trade with TCDB member The_sandlot who was kind enough to offer up a handful of Jays for a few cards he needed from me.

The Thunder design is so 90s busy, and it's Clemens for better or worse. Whereas the Rookie Cup I have seen before and may be a bit to blah for background, but at least the player stands out.

A couple of shiny/chrome cards with Flair and Chrome to wrap it up. Awesome little trade, and greatly appreciated.


  1. Me Me i like minor league cards. I posted a link to my weekends purchases on my profile if you have time to take a look, already started pulling the jays(all needs of course) for you from them.

  2. I like minor league cards as well. Spoljaric being Canadian gets him in two collections of mine.

  3. Always thought CC Sabathia started the whole crooked hat thing. Now I know the truth. It was Jorge Bell.