Monday, March 9, 2020

Time for a showdown

I have never had any of the Showdown card from back when I was collecting as they came out after I stopped as a kid. Heck - I'd have to look to see if I had any before getting this box of awesome cards...might have had one.

Well, that changes starting today.

Today we have some 2000 through 2002 cards from the game that I have no idea how to play!

The cards do look nice with the team colour matching backgeounds and such, so points for a snazzy looking card.

I took a quick look at the How To Play guides online - man, this game is more like a Magic or Pokemon type game than just a roll the dice and score, or get hits, out, etc type game. I was a bit surprised. Apparently it runs with a 60 card deck and can be quite involved.

I am not going to learn it in any way shape or form. Especially this time of year, but I will appreciate the awesome Jays card content.

As you can see, the design does change year to year, but not a problem at all.

It does raise the question - did any one out there play this game? Is it as complicated as it seemed at first glance? Does anyone still play this?

I have no problem collecting them though!


  1. I have a bunch of Expos from these and Topps Attax.

  2. I never played but owned the first game. I busted it up and shared the cards around a long time ago.

  3. Never played it. But I have a few of them sitting in my collection.