Saturday, March 7, 2020

Adding some more Jose

Into the 7th day of going through the dodgercards Blue Jays box, and I'm not sure if this will in fact be a month or maybe more. There has been enough "new to me" stuff and things to discuss with each, and I don't want to push more than I need to each day as I am enjoying going through this, so just a heads up.

The cards today cover, as seems to be the usual, some new cards for me which are interesting, and some not so new, but good keepers.

Most of the 1991 Donruss are of the no dot on INC variety on the back (going back to the discussion the other day). I did actually need a few of these variations, so even the expected "usual" end up being a surprise here.

A few Jose cards from Bowman. The card is new for me as Bowman is generally a brand well underrepresented in my collection.

1999 Topps is a team set I had a few cards on and these are a great boost.

Saw the gold medallion version of Jose the other day, but this one is actually even nicer given the after the catch action shot.

The 2000 Crown Royale are three of the 4 base Jays cards. I always liked the Crown Royale unique design at the time with the die cut crown shape - a bit offset by the colour scheme which I am not a big fan of, but a small draw back.

The 2009 Topps base strikeout leaders card is a great one too as I get two Jays in one!


  1. Crown was always nice. Canseco as a Jay still seems odd. He's always an A or Ranger in my mind. Not saying much since my brain is like a pinwheel...

    1. Always an A to me....but for the home run that went off his head as a Ranger, and over the fence.

  2. Damn Canseco is ripped on that 98 Bowman card.