Sunday, March 29, 2020

I don't wanna grow up

Not sure if you remember the marketing slogan/song from Toys R Us, but it's still one I remember from my childhood, and honestly, who didn't want to be a Toys R Us kid?

Yeah - those commercial are very dated, as is the song, but man, it was good advertising as it stuck well.

So, speaking of Toys R Us...

Here we have 2 of the 1993 Toys R Us set Jays cards. The best part is, I already have the other two so I can now knock of the 4 card team set from this one. I am not a big fan of the 2-8 card team sets because what I typically do is - 1 card "team sets" go a top loader by themselves while larges ones go in separate small plastic cases of the 10 to 50 card variety depending on the size. This inbetween size I guess end up in thicker top loaders, but not my favourite to do it that way.

Until the team set is complete, it stays in binder form with all the rest, and they are pulled when complete as, when I look at them, I look at the team set and just pull the set from the casing.

Oh well, simple problems, but livable.

The Toys R Us cards are obviously not the only circa 1993 cards today - actually today cards are really only from a few years.

From 1993 we hop to 1997, then 2007.

A lot of 2007, which is great as Upper Deck was sorely under performing in this year of my Jays collection, and I didn't have any Topps Update and Highlights cards until this Frasor.

I will say, I can appreciate Opening Day actually having a different look from the Topps flagship set as I dislike when they moved to being essentially the exact same card but with an opening day logo plastered on the card.


  1. From bikes to trains to video games. Definitely a catchy jingle.

  2. I totally would have wanted that TRU Juan Guzman back in 1993. I was a big fan of his... and of course TRU.

  3. That Markum photo is great. Never knew about Toys-R-Us cards before. Good post.