Monday, March 23, 2020

Checking in with Carlos

Today's bunch of cards from the box that keeps on giving, like always, seems to have a bit of everything, but definitely a small Carlos Delgado player collection in the cards today, but first...

A bunch of 1987 Topps, and a bunch of 1989 sets which provide nothing particularly new, but everything particularly blue.

The last card, the glossy send in of Bell is a new addition, and nice, even if a little off on the cut (a bit crooked).

Here we have a few 1998 Bowman cards. I remember Joe Lawrence...wasn't he on Blossom? Probably a different one...

Here we have a bunch of Delgado cards. Did you know that Carlos' first major league action was actually in the 1993 season. It may have only been two games, but I forgot it started that long before. It wasn't until 1996 that he became a regular in the bigs with the Jays, and he did well in Toronto. Overall, he was in Toronto for 12 seasons, including those earlier years. He hit 30 or more home runs in 10 straight season, most with the Jays but even the one season in Florida and starting off his time with the Mets.

Given he was not too far off of 500 home runs, a bit surprised he only lasted one year in Hall of Fame voting and garnered less than 5% of the ballots, so was dropped. Likely due in large part to the era he played in, and I don't believe he was ever linked to steroid use in any way, so a shame the general times probably did him in a bit to that regard.

Overall, may not have been good enough to make the Hall, but probably deserved a better showing on the Hall ballots.

We end with...

Sweet - another new Drabek for me.

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  1. Ted Simmons only lasted one year in the HOF voting... and he eventually got in. So there's always hope ;)