Sunday, April 26, 2020

Catching up on a couple trades

No surprise with that title, exactly as it states, I have a couple small trades I need to share because, well, that's what I do!

First up a trade with Gregory_kyle of the PWE variety.

The trade was for only three cards, but the Berezin was a nice additional card sent my way - and was another need to, so a nice bunch of Leafs. The Sundin McD Pinnacle card also completes the 4 Leaf team set out of that one, so added bonus there as well in all the shifty 3D-ness.

Next trade was first time trade partner, MasterOfPuppets

These are some set needs. Actually the Parkhurst are because I have auto versions and wanted to ensure I got a clean base card for when I do really work on the set. The McD cards bring to be a single missing card on the set.

The rest of the PWE was a bunch of nice Leafs including some sharp SP Authentics Awesome!

Lastly, not so much a trade, but a gift bestowed from an angel. An angel in the outfield who wanted to help me move a couple sets closer to completion.

A couple 1986 Topps Traded cards, though I still need a couple of the stars like Canseco and Bonds.

The Leaf set from 1987 is now down to a single card needed....wait....not quite...I had a couple Donruss cards in there by mistake...still, only a few left. Still a few dupes I need for the Jays team set and for a dupe of the Diamond Kings I like so much, but almost knocked off the rest of the set needs in one go!


  1. Glad the cards made it, and glad to help towards the set.

  2. Love the 1986 Topps Traded set. Can't think of another Topps boxed traded set with so much star power.

  3. Paul Coffey pulls off the upset here. Both Dawson as an Expo and a decent close-up shot of Rickey would've defeated most hockey cards.