Thursday, April 16, 2020

Some Game Day Action

A simple theme for the three packs today which, as per my comment yesterday, I still don't have any of the more rare inserts...

Okay, I'll never complain about getting a Crosby, and as you will see, the cards at least have a different number on the front for the faux ticket as the seat is changed to match the card number of the insert set.

Toews game day action card discusses his hat trick (and assist) which he had on Feb 21, 2017 against Minnesota.

Brock's game day action is for his second career hat trick in which he was also a +5 for the game.

A perfect day as far as new cards go, so a great trio for the day. For the base set, if you are keeping track, I am at 32 of 120, so may end up around half the set when these packs are done...but we will see.

18 Packs, 54 Cards, 184 Points.