Thursday, April 23, 2020

Let's check some football

First, a quick update on yesterday. I was able to just pull aside all but 4 of the cards for sending off to other people (whether they want them or not).

Today, let's take a look at the football cards and see if it will be just as easy.

Just the one card pre-2000 of the small group of football cards.

These are from a set I have seen before as I ended up with probably about 50 of these cards going through the Santa Lot I picked up a few years ago.

The Prestige set always pull off a fancy look in exchange for showing lots of white space. Not my cup of tea really but I can see the appeal for others.

Goodwin Champions are always an interesting set because of the range of different stars and sports involved.

These cards scan very nicely and are quite shiny in hand. Again, would prefer more action shot, but can't have everything. The names on the side may be better if they were fully on the card instead of just partially written.

As I say...another Prestige set and more white border. At least there is a lot less than the last, but it seems to be the set style.

We end the football cards with some 2018 Panini Score. Again, lots of white border in the base design, but the inserts are a good variety of design and a bit more colourful though still all feel very classically Score.

Not a bad little bunch of cards. Now to find a home for as many as I can!


  1. That is one funky rendering of Joe Namath!

  2. Wow. Don't think I've ever seen that side of Broadway Joe before. Kinda hope I don't see it again ;D

  3. Easy again , i'll have to giddy-up on sending you some Bruins.Whatever is available i'm a taker,not THE Taker.

  4. The candidates were many, but my vote goes to the Brian Westbrook.