Sunday, April 5, 2020

A little cheat

So here we are into the start of April, and I have been good. I didn't want to spend any money on new cards this year and I haven't yet. Well, until this pick up.

As I had said at the start of the year, I was still going to pick up new MTG packs for that collection. Well, I planned to pick up a few, but when I saw the artifact singles were mostly cheap and would be cheaper than a second unopened pack, I gave in and picked up a number of them for a couple dollars instead of another unopened pack. While I was at it, some of the Masters set singles circa 2018 were on sale too.

All in, I spent less than $3 on the singles - less than a pack. I'll let this one go, but we can call it a small cheat.

There's the unopened pack for the collection...and here are the singles...

I have to say, for ability, I enjoy the Altar of the Pantheon. Nice serene picture too.

The last bunch are the foil versions which were also nicely priced so happy enough that this was why I broke the "no new cards" moratorium. That said - back to no spending on new cards we go...

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