Saturday, April 25, 2020

2007-08 O Pee Chee Hockey

Going through the cards from Jeff Scott, I have sorted through the hockey cards to at least pull together sets that have a number of cards so I can look and see who I know working on the set and what I can send their way.

Today - as per the title, we have 2007-08 O Pee Chee hockey.

I have a number of the Leafs from the set, but not much else, so this isn't a set I am collecting. Good news as far as trying to pass a good chunk on to someone else.

The set isn't my favourite design as the border is overwhelming and doesn't do much for a Leaf card. Probably looks pretty nice with Penguins though.

Yeah - I'd say that Fleury card is pretty good with the design. Design still takes too much of the card with thick border, but at least it is different I guess.

Oh, and did you notice the set is O Pee Chee? Biggest font on the card, and it is the set name.

Not sure if it was done on purpose, but with the goalie poses, the pictures seem to do a better job of using that middle border bulge on the sides with the goalie stances.

I haven't gone through card by card, but I know a few people looking for cards from the set - so hopefully that will provide homes for most of these, but none will be staying in my collection.


  1. Joe I would gladly take them all, less the Leafs,off your hands! When you have time.

    1. I would gladly like to know who "Unknown" is...I presume you were unknowingly logged out when leaving the comment. :)

  2. I was not a fan of this set at all but my father in law collected a lot of OPC sets around this time so I helped him finish this one. It's cool to see Cam Janssen make an appearance here, he was a lot of fun.