Monday, April 20, 2020

In Cometh McDavid and a package

Just today and tomorrow left when it comes to the Timmies packs, and it feels a little anticlimactic as I think the best has passed so far. Not to fear, as we still can have some pretty nice cards show up like this McDavid Highly Decorated insert. Looks a bit surprised to be on the card, but already has a couple Art Ross trophies, a Ted Lindsay award, and Hart Trophy. There's still some room on the back, but I think he will fill that our over the next 5-10 years.

A card so nice, we get it twice I guess. No problem there, and getting the Stamkos base card knocked off the list of outstanding cards.

We end today with a couple more new base additions bringing me closer to 50 of the 120 base card set which isn't too shabby based on 30 packs since you only get about 2 base cards per pack.

We finish this all up tomorrow.

30 Packs, 99 Cards, 36,322 Points.

This past week I also received another package from baseballcardstoreca which had some great cards and completed a few Toronto team sets too which is also awesome!

1996-97 Upper Deck flagship set for the year, and here we have the last of the Leafs for it. I don't mind the cracked foil look of the cards, and the subsets play with the design a bit, but overall, just a middling design to me. What bothers me is the light grey on slightly less light grey naming that goes up the card right beside the cracked effect that you can hardly read even in hand. Some at least you can recognize off hand like Jamie McCoun and the 'stache.

Flying Domi wins for best pic of the bunch though.

We get the remainder of the 1987 Fleer Blue Jays, and the second of two French's Blue Jays cards.

Love the team related checklists and include those when they are done, but the fact I get to put Ryne into my Jays collection is really cool.

1988 Donruss Baseball's Best. I had a lonely Jay and here are the other 12 for the full team set. I am a bit torn - I like the regular Donruss blue borders for the Jays as they go well, but these orange ones are so snazzy and vibrant.

We have a few random Leafs as well. These are the first Topps Pristine cards (and honestly, the foil colour on Belfour looks a bit blue, while Nolan looks a bit purple...I assume a little lack of colour control.

We end with a last bunch of Jays including some first Gypsy 2019 cards, and a poetic looking Bowman Alomar.

As always, much thanks, and I have so much to mail out once this whole COVID thing is over.


  1. The Price Game Day is my favorite of the hockey ones.

    The baseball decision is tougher, with three quality candidates. Halladay is the best player of the three, but he has the least appealing card. In the end, the action shot of Devo gets the win, with the close-up of Alomar edging out Halladay for second.

    1. Love the helmet flip on the Devo - remember it happening to him a number of times. Must have been because he was just that fast!

  2. Is there any way I can convince you to trade that Belofur Pristine card? I've been looking for it for years - it's the last card I need to finish the (base) set.

    1. I normally have a "don't trade away any Jays of Leafs" policy, but rules are made to have the occasional exception. E-mail me your address and it's yours. Not sure on timing of mailing given COVID, but we can connect on such details.

    2. Thank you! I sent you a message on TCDB.

  3. Wow. Seeing Nolan and Belfour in Maple Leafs jerseys brought back memories of their time with the Sharks. Patrick Marleau also went to Toronto. I wonder how many other guys played in San Jose and eventually moved on to Toronto.

    1. Already have the good start to a team right there!