Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Getting Decorated

Another three packs up for today from the 2019-2020 Tim Hortons set...

The insert from this pack is another Highly Decorated card which fall one every six packs. Just to give an idea of the info on the back, it lists out for Patrick - 3 Stanley Cups, Calder Trophy, Hart Trophy, Art Ross Trophy, Ted Lindsay Award, Conn Smythe Trophy. A nice run of info.

Sweet - another new to me red die cast card - love it. Carter here, just after his first season beside two guys that are their teams with Eickel and Kane.

Last pack, we have another Highly Decorated card with Chara. Let's run through the awards on the back of his card....Stanley Cup....that's it. As much as I would like to hassle him for that being the only award (not so highly decorated), more than many Leafs have....*sigh*.

12 Packs, 36 Cards, 129 Points.