Sunday, April 12, 2020

Hello Jakub!

Another day, another group of 3 Timmies packs for opening.

The highly decorated inserts are nice enough, and Malkin is solid of course. The back does a great job of listing out the trophy accomplishments like Stanley Cups, Art Ross trophies, etc. We also see our first dupe with Jakub.

Here we have the third Jakub card in 5 packs...umm....I don't think I need anymore thanks.

I will say, having picked up a few of the red die cuts - I wouldn't mind a full set. They look excellent scanned and even better in hand. A great job in picking and using a rich colour, love it.

Unfortunately some more dupes with Duncan, and of course another Malkin insert if anyone is interested in it because I definitely don't need two.

Still no super rare surprise there...and no Leafs yet, which is a little bit more surprising. Maybe tomorrow.

6 Packs, 18 Cards, 53 Points.


  1. I wouldn't say no to geno,and any dupes that may be available.
    Happy Easter, happy Sunday!

  2. Do you get a pack free with a purchase? I'm curious about distribution. Back in the 90s when Dennys gave away a baseball one card pack with a Grand Slam meal, I tipped well. The server always hooked me up with large handfuls of packs.

    1. The packs are $1.99 without purchase of food, $1 with the purchase of food. I think there is supposed to be a cap, like 5 packs with any purchase, but I understand those are quite lax.

    2. cool to know. Wish I could get these here. Thanks for sharing them!