Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Bella Hot Pack

On occasion, packs just work out this way, that the inserts align...

I find it interesting that, for the Wrestlemania Roster inserts, the women have a different firework background colour compared to the men. Not sure the reason (blue for boys and pink for girls?), but I like them both.

The Bellas, as businesswomen, have done an amazing job building themselves, their brand and the related empire. As wrestlers, meh - never really did much for me. They were a fairly big deal during their time, though it was a low in terms of women's wrestling in my opinion.

Another case of 4 new and 1 dupe with the base cards, but love the theme of the Brock cards....Brock Smash! I remember the car smash though, it was a bit wild as far as pieces going everywhere - a little overzealous of Brock, but it did make it feel more real.

7 pack, 49 cards, 155 points.

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